Mobile Advertising Strategy

Make Your Strategy Work Harder Than You!

When it comes to developing your mobile advertising strategy, remember, just because it's a smaller device, doesn't mean the strategy deserves to be. While many advertisers make the mistake of including their mobile strategy as a pared down version of their online marketing plan, it can easily be fixed with a few simple steps.

Separate online and mobile strategies

Just because they both provide an internet connection to the user, does not mean they are the same.

Think about your target audience

It's more than gender and age with mobile advertising; you can target audiences by time of day, handset operating system, manufacturer, device model, smartphone vs. tablet or netbook and even their location.

Be realistic

While some of the world's most recognized brands are experiencing great success with mobile advertising, this is due largely to the time they have taken to test, research and understand the medium.  

Monitor your dashboard

 By analyzing your campaign statistics while it is live, you can optimize targeting and spend to ensure your campaign has the best opportunity to meet and even exceed its goals.

Conduct a postmortem

While the campaign may be over, understanding what worked and what didn't will ensure you can make your mobile advertising strategy work even harder the next time around.

So, are you ready to implement your own mobile advertising strategy?  Get started with Mojiva now!

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