Publisher Requirements

So that Mojiva can get your mobile site set up for monetization, there are some guidelines we have developed to ensure a few things:

- That you, the publisher, is being delivered relevant mobile ads that align with your content and user demographic
- That advertisers are confident their brand’s integrity and messaging is being upheld
- That Mojiva’s technology is correctly integrated into your site so that advertiser campaigns can be served effectively

Mojiva’s technology scans over publishers’ mobile site pages in real time and allows a smooth transition of mobile ads into your site. The system supports mobile sites, forums, blogs and/or portals.

To join the publisher program you must meet the following criteria

- Maintain a mobile website or application, publishers world-wide are welcome
- Use English as the primary language of your mobile content
- Provide rich and varied content throughout your site or application

We appreciate all publisher inquiries; however Mojiva chooses not to work with publishers:

- Who practice illegal actions
- Have inappropriate adult material (this includes profanity)
- Whose sites might violate the IP of  third parties

Mojiva has the right to approve or disapprove publishers on a case by case basis.

As a Mojiva publisher you are prohibited to use:

- Incentive clicks: Your site may not offer incentives to click on mobile ads.
- Fraud clicks: Any method that would artificially or fraudulently create clicks is prohibited by Mojiva. Please be advised that clicking your own ads for any reason is strictly and ethically prohibited.
- Install code moderation: You may not modify any mobile ad tag in anyway. Code moderation interferes with ad impressions/click tracking, and ultimately the monetization of your WAP site or mobile application content.

Requirement Changes

Mojiva reserves the right to change these policies at any time.  Should Mojiva need to change requirements you will be notified. However, it is recommended that you check this page for up-to-date information.

Mobile Site Updates

Mojiva’s Quality Control team constantly reviews publisher sites for any violation of the above policies. Should there be a violation, a publisher will be notified.  Depending on the situation, a publisher can be warned, temporarily suspended, or removed from the system entirely.

While these guidelines are stringent, they are only put in place to ensure that both publishers and advertisers have the best possible experience with Mojiva.  We have found that by following these guidelines, everyone involved enjoys the benefits mobile advertising can provide.

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