Monetize Your Mobile App

Whether you have a niche mobile app or an app which has a more general appeal and a big audience, in-app advertising is a great way to monetize your investment and earn ongoing revenue.  It is possible to earn much more from in-app advertising than if you charged per app download.

Flexible and Customizable

Mojiva provides a constant stream of mobile advertising campaigns straight into your mobile app while giving you the control to decide which type of ad will display in your app.


Decide which advertiser categories will be shown on your site. You can even exclude categories which might be inappropriate based on your users, such as alcohol and tobacco.


You can serve ads based on which type of device your app has been built for, such as a Android or iOS.


Pass along device longitude and latitude and your users will have location-based ads delivered to your app. Other information can be passed in the ad request such as zip code or area code.

Rich Media

The Mojiva team will ensure you are certified to accept rich media, helping you every step of the way.

Download the Mojiva mobile SDK and increase your mobile monetization efforts almost immediately.

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